market cannibalization

What is market cannibalization in retail and how to avoid it?

In the retail industry, market cannibalization happens when a new product reduces sales of an existing product from the same company, resulting in a decrease in overall profit and revenue. This frequently happens when too comparable items are introduced, or when the same customer base is targeted, leading to internal competition instead of drawing in

dark store location

Estimating demand for potential new dark stores for a quick commerce brand

The success of quick commerce brands in India is picking up, especially in the metro and tier-I cities. These services have paved their way into the daily functioning of the super-busy working class and are witnessing abundant demand. In an interview with the Business Today Magazine, Deepinder Goyal (Founder, Zomato) exclaimed, “Blinkit will be larger

D2C Mattress Brand - expansion case study

Premium D2C Furniture Brand’s Expansion to 8 Cities

The brand in this case study is a premium mattress brand offering orthopedic support products. This case study highlights how GeoIQ helped the brand identify its target audience, help understand the revenue potential of a market, and eventually help open new profitable stores.   Premiumization of Indian Products India’s consumer demography is evolving.  The unprecedented wealth

7 most profitable and trending retail store franchises in India

7 Profitable and Trending Retail Store Franchises in India

Buying a retail store franchise is an effective method of wealth creation. Franchisee owners leverage the market capitalization of the franchisor brand. By utilizing the franchisor’s robust marketing and HR training, franchisees gain a competitive edge for building thriving businesses. But, how do you select the right franchise for your available resources? Given below are

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